Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blue Nose Transfer!

Was at an event recently to help set up and after that but before the event itself, some of us sent out for hot drinks. Some had coffee of different sorts and others like me, Hot Chocolate. Later just as the event was about to start and I was to stand before a small group of people to speak, someone asked what was wrong with my nose? Now at that point I was unaware of anything being wrong with my nose but apparently the tip of it had turned blue, as I soon found out. Anyhow after retiring to the Men’s room to analyse the situation further, I found that it was not some new contagious disease but in fact that it would wash off and was not a disease of any kind. At that stage I thought it must have been a transfer of fading paint from a large blue sign that I had had my face against earlier putting it out on display, however by that time the guy who had discovered it had moved on and found another sufferer. One who had been nowhere near the sign at all. But he like me had just been drinking his hot drink, only his was a long black Coffee as opposed to my Hot Chocolate. However, so as to distinguish between the drinks, the person at the shop had written on each lid in blue texta such symbolisms as H/C & L/BC, etc, which I am sure you have guessed by now, subsequently rubbed off (unnoticed by us,) on to our noses when we were drinking.

How often does this happen in our lives, hey? Unintentional and accidental transfer? In this case it wasn’t a real problem, or permanently damaging, but often that is not the case is it? Sometimes paint, grease or even mud, can permanently stain a certain piece of clothing can’t it? And usually the most expensive piece we own too, Hey?

But even worse than physical things being stained or clothes ruined can be the non-physical things, like bad attitudes, bad habits, bad language, you can even name a few other things here too if you like. Sometimes even though we just don’t plan to pick theses things up intentionally, we often do unintentionally, don’t we and often before we know about it, it is almost too late to do much about it, isn’t it? Yes, we can always, if we choose stop these things, but often the damage to our reputation is already done and it is difficult to change that, and even sometimes to live with that, is it not?

I have no real advice to offer on how to get out of a situation like that, other that to suggest you try, and then keep trying no matter how difficult it gets.

No I have no real helpful advice to get you out of those situations so can only suggest that you try your best to avoid those situations and even those people if necessary and take measure to remove all stains and marks while they are small and in future avoid similar pitfalls. That’s my say what say you?

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