Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Water my plants please?

Recently received an e-mail going around with the message saying, ”I am going away for a month, water my plants please?”

When you open the picture you see a European type open courtyard within a 2 story Building complex and every wall had pot plants on it about a metre or so apart, from the ground to the ceiling line of the second floor. There must be over 200 of them and of course the question for someone living in drought-ravaged Australia is of course, how on earth do they water them?

I suspect that part of the answer must lie in the country that they are in and that they must get a sufficient enough rainfall most of the time. The second answer lies in the type of plants used. Apart from the windowsill, (Which is very reachable) and had carnations in it, and the Ground area that has a few more delicate type pot plants on it, all the rest are geraniums. Geranium s of different types and colours, but Geraniums nonetheless and thus a hardy and convenient plant to use for that application, where regular hand watering would be impractical if not completely impossible.

This home gardener, by only selecting her/his plants and suiting them to the local climatic conditions, is able to do what many others couldn’t. And that is to have a pretty garden of sorts, even with no normal garden space, thus making practical use, as well as prettifying, an otherwise wasted and ugly spot.

What about us? Are there some places in our lives, some blank walls that we can use in an imaginative and creative way to brighten up our lives and the community too?

Now I realize that not everyone is as fond of geraniums as I am, but there are other hardy type plants available if you too wished to try this “Garden” on your wall. But I am not just talking about pot plants here, as I am sure you realise.

I think the principal behind this, is also equally possible for us in other areas of our lives where there are figurative, if not literal “blank walls” that we can innovatively use to create a nicer environment. What say you?

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