Thursday, May 22, 2008

Swimming Further Thanks To My Son’s Advise!

I told you earlier in the Year that nearly 6 months after my then Physiotherapist suggested it, I finally started swimming one morning a week thanks to the encouragement of a former employer of mine who lives nearby and goes 3 times a week.

I also told you that I couldn’t even swim 50 metres without stopping somewhere around the half way mark of each lap of the Pool. After a while I could make 35 metres but that was it, and no further. At that point my son who was going for his basic Scuba Diving Certificate in preparation of a future holiday up QLD way, and who couldn’t then swim much better than me, gave me some wise advice.

And that was? “ Just try and swim a little further each day, even if it is only a half a metre further, at least it is a little further, and eventually you will get there.” So that is what I started to do and guess what it worked - eventually.

More in a later blog, but for now, I would just like to make two points.

  1. Always be open to advice from all sources; even from those sources that you are normally the one expected to give advice to, not receive it from. So always evaluate the advice and not be too concerned of the actual source. If it is good advice accept it, even if you do have to modify it to your own style and abilities.
  2. Never give up or think you have done your all, but always aim for that next half metre in all that you do, until you have achieved your goal. And then modify your goals so that you are always striving to improve yourself.

If you are out of work and struggling for a job, take the best that is on offer to you, (No matter how lousy) and work your way up and along to a better one, and a better one, etc, until you reach the ideal job for you.

Which by the way may be totally different to what is ideal for everyone else. But no matter, seek and strive for that which is right for you. Happy swimming, eh, I mean striving! Walter

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