Monday, August 15, 2011

Very American

In a recent blog (“Pardon my Whatever”, which was a follow on blog from my previous, “Pardon My Xhosa / French”) I commented on a reply from my oldest younger sister in response to my original post, where she replied with: ““Pardon my French or whatever”? “Whatever” now is usually used in a derivative/ derogative way. It really means I don't care. Very American!”
Now I replied to her full comment in the “Pardon my Whatever” blog, so here I just want to address the comment: “Very American!”
Now as an Australian, I can understand why we sometimes (and often rightly so), get upset at any foreign (and not just American) invasion of our Language and Culture. But at the same time, I certainly don’t think that everything Foreign, or worse, American, is per se` wrong or corrupting.
So I have two pleas for you today, whether you live in Australia like me or in any Country other than America.
The first is please don’t reject anything, just because it is foreign or worse “American”. Again please accept or reject everything on its merit and worth to you.
Secondly, and to those Aussies out there that feel I should have used another non-American word instead of the one (whatever) that I did use to close of my original blog, please tell me what Aussie word I should have used? Thank you!

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