Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pardon my “Whatever”.

In a recent blog (Pardon My Xhosa / French.) I concluded with the following statement:
“Which finally brings us to our point today. Whether in French, Xhosa, any of the thousands of other languages currently in the world, or even in modern idiom, what words or expressions are you currently using, that the people that you are speaking to have no clue, what you are saying and by rights you too should be saying, “Pardon my French or whatever”? Over to you for now.”
Now there, I thought I had expressed the point I intended to get across quite clearly, but evidently not as I quickly received the following reply from my oldest younger sister. Where she replied with: ““Pardon my French or whatever”? “Whatever” now is usually used in a derivative/ derogative way. It really means I don't care. Very American!”
And to which I replied: “Wasn’t meant that way at all. In fact when I read your comment I wondered where it came from. My 'whatever" was meant as shorthand for "whatever other recognized spoken language" I might have used instead. But thanks for your comment as it again shows that what one means, is not always what others see/hear/read!”
So, with that for background, if my original blog confused or mislead you in any way, please pardon my “Whatever”?
In the meantime what are some other examples of misunderstood messages do you have?
Or even better, what are some other modern idioms that you either use a lot or just drive you crazy or ‘whatever’?

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