Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hagar The Horrible’s Perpetration of an incorrect Myth.

As regular readers of these blogs may have already twigged by now, I like comics and get a few good ideas and lots of interesting, if not always useful, information from them.
Among my favourites would normally be Hagar the Horrible. However at the moment I am a bit concerned about the misleading, although not totally incorrect (but still misleading) information implied in a recent Hagar cartoon.
This particular strip has Hagar’s wife and daughter sitting at the dining table in the house, with lots of white space around them and all over this white space is written repeatedly, Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!
There, the daughter (Honi) says to her mother, “Daddy likes to bring back souvenirs from his travels, doesn’t he?” And her mother responds despondently, “Yes…. He just returned from the Canary Islands!”
So your task today is to tell me why I found this cartoon misleading and also to tell me what is the false information and myth that it is incorrectly perpetrating by its implication? Over to you now.

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