Friday, August 19, 2011

Are you trig?

Trig, the Word of the Day for Monday, July 11, 2011, is another of those words that is both not used very often now, and also one with more than one clear meaning.
Thus trig, can mean either:
1. Neat, trim, smart.
2. To make neat or trim.
3. A wedge or block used to prevent a wheel, cask, or the like, from rolling.
4. In good physical condition; sound; well.
Now 3 of these meanings, although not the same in meaning are very close nonetheless. However, the 4th is quite different in meaning and purpose, isn’t it? So when, like in today’s title, I ask if you are trig, how would you respond?
1. Would you say that you and your life, is neat and trim, and smart looking?
2. Could you say that you are helping to make others neat and trim too?
3. Or would it be more truthful to respond that you are more of a wedge and a block to making others neat and Trim?
4. And finally, would you say that you are in good physical condition? Or would you have to say that you are not as trig as you would both like to be, and in fact should be?
Well over to you now. I’ve asked the questions, so it is now up to you to decide if you wish to answer them or not.

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