Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Basic headache Cures

Recently saw the following posted on Face Book:
“******* Has the worst head ache, can't get rid of it. Tried water, panadol please any other options????”
Then came the following advice:
1. Rest?
2. Rest??? More panadol, or nurofen...
3. Advil.
4. neck massage with lavander oil, and stretches of the neck,
5. Sleep!!
Now I am no trained medical practitioner, but as one who has been plagued with bad headaches for 20 years now, I have picked up a thing or two along the way.
First that there are headaches and then there are Head aches and then there are HEADACHES. So any steps in treating headaches are to find out the Cause and if possible avoid those causes.
Headaches have many causes. A few I have experiences are Stress. Weak neck Muscles or neck out of kilter with your body. Caffeine craving from chocolate and Coffee. And of course there are many other causes too!
So if you suffer any of the above problems, you need to try and resolve those issues for Future pain-free heads. Yes one first needs to reduce one’s stress inducers as much as you can, then live with the rest.
If neck pain, massages and even a new pillow, along with some neck strengthening exercises are all good.
If it is coffee or chocolate or any other food, you either need to cut it out all together or find kinds you can eat or drink IN MODERATION.
Okay, now let’s see if we can now answer the original question of how to get rid of a bad Headache and how good was the above advice to do so?
Many years ago Bex Aspirin ran a very prominent advertising program that said something along the Lines of Headaches? A Bex, a cup of tea, and a good lie down will fix you.
So their solution was medication, Hydration and a good rest. And it seems that that advice is still the best on offer. Now some can get away with just rehydrating and resting, for others it also needs some medication.
Then of course we come to the question of which is the best over the counter medication? Years ago one doctor I went to recommended taking both paracetamol and Aspirin together, which is my usual medication when I need to go that route. I have also tried ibuprofen (Nurofen/Advil) but found it not as effective for headaches, (but wonderful for back pain).
So again medication and the dosage, is really an individual thing, and you may, like me, have to try different ones, till you find the best one or ones, for you. But do always remember, medication is only part of the solution and you should not neglect diet, neck massages and exercises, hydration and of course, lots of rest.
And if all that fails, also follow that sage advice one often hears after medicine advertisements these days: “If symptoms persist, see your doctor or trained Medical Professional.” Again, always good advice to follow. What say you?

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