Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who is the real Galah?

In my recent Blog, “Taking the bad with the Good” I mentioned that we had a problem with our plan in attracting Parrots to our Balcony and how some other birds such as the Galahs, were dominating and bossing away the birds we really wanted to keep feeding.
I also mentioned how it got so bad last year that we stopped feeding all the birds at one stage but started again recently now that the recent cooler months are here where wild food is scarce and the desired birds started revisiting again.
At first, we only started putting seed out in the late afternoon and early morning for the Parrots and Common Bronze Wing pigeons, and ignored the other birds. Well, up to the other day that is! My wife went out the back and was going down the steps to the yard, when she was given a scolding, by one of the Galahs sitting on the seed tray on the balcony, who obviously reckoned that she needed to be pulled into line if it wanted to be fed. Well my wife immediately came inside and told me. And so after laughing my head off, I told her to reward the cheeky Galah for his/her cheek; but even now still can’t work out who was the bigger galah? It or me! What say you?

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