Thursday, July 21, 2011

Over the top with the sledgehammer I think.

Recently posted a blog (How heavy is my sledgehammer?) about a 12 pound sledge hammer that I had bought previously, only to find later that it was a little heavier than I would have preferred. In response to that blog, I received this reply from a former South African friend now living in Scotland:
“This brought back another thought. In 1969, I worked with a lady, whose husband had been in a serious car accident, and due to this, she always carried in her car a 10 Pound Sledge hammer, when I enquired what was the reason, she replied "for anyone who hits me this will be my response"”
To which I replied: “Thanks for that. When in S A ourselves and after I had my car stolen, it was concluded that I could get a better choice, deal and quality replacement car, up in Johannesburg, where we already had a contact. Unfortunately Jo-burg was some 900 kms away from us and me with no car and no reliable/safe Public transport to get there however. Fortunately, I found a safe ride up there with someone going beyond Jo-burg. Not so fortunately, I had to wait a little while on the side of a busy road for our friend up there, to pick me up, a thought which I wasn't totally happy with. Fortunately it was winter and I had a big Overcoat that I was able to comfortably carry, yet keep concealed, a 10 oz. Ballpeen Hammer. Which I then later always carried in the car for the rest of our years in South Africa, handy in case I ever needed it for Totsies (local word for thieves & larrikins! ) Fortunately, I never did.

Now, I think a 10 ounce hammer, carried for self-defence is one thing! But a 10 pound sledge hammer carried for retaliation for car accidents, is way, way over the top, I think! Don’t you?
What are some unusual, if not downright strange things that have you heard of being carried for self-defence?

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