Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pardon my parroting on.

At our previous place of residence, we noticed some parrots in the nearby trees and so bought some bird seed to try and encourage them to come and visit us. Which they didn’t really do. Or if they did, the Magpies soon drove them away. I have blogged elsewhere about the Magpies, but over a short time my wife was feeding up to 20 of them until we went on a month’s holiday and never restarted feeding them upon our return due to our then imminent move to this place.
Having moved here, I again noticed some Parrots nearby, so I again wanted to see if we could attract them here, but due to our previous dominance with the magpies, took a while to actually do it. Then one day at our local hardware chain, I saw a 4kg Block of seed for the same price in Dollars, so brought it with the intention of putting it straight out for the parrots! Which I never did; but put it in the garage instead, where I rediscovered it a couple of months later and put it out finally in the faint hope of attracting some local parrots!
Well I did succeed in attracting some local parrots such as the Crimson Rosella (Mountain Larry) and the Eastern Rosellas. However much to my surprise and absolute delight, we also attracted some non-local parrots too! Such as Rainbow Lorikeets and some beautiful King Parrots too! Latter we also attracted some Galahs and some Whistling or Crested Pigeons and even the now not so common, Common Bronze Wing Pigeons too!
None of which we would have seen here on our balcony, if we had not started to feed the local birds. And none of which we would have seen, if I had not finally put the Parrot food out for them.
So if you want something that is obtainable, start making plans to make that goal achievable. And having made your plans, actually take the next steps needed to make your goals a possibility, and not keep your 'Parrot seed' untouched and unreachable in the garage like me.
Again, you may not always be successful, but you will never know if you don’t have a go. So if there is something that you would like to achieve, and think you can, go out and give it your best shot. And do it now! Will you do that now?

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