Monday, July 4, 2011

Face book: Friend or foe?

A family brouhaha, has currently developed on Face book between some family members over what is appropriate and when, on Face Book.
My wife received a phone call on Friday Morning saying that her father was in a bad way and not expected to make out the weekend. So it was not surprising on Saturday night that I was woken from a deep sleep not long before Midnight to receive the sad news of his passing at 91. As it was so late, I decided not to wake my wife (although she had woken up anyway so I told here then,) and daughter, nor to ring our other daughter and son, but rather wait till the morning to do so.
Before doing so the next morning, I decided to check my face book page to allow a bit more time to elapse before getting them out of bed on their one sleep-in day of the week.
So I was surprised to find out at 8: 30 am Sunday Morning that some, much to the dismay of others who like me had not yet told their (teenage) children, (who not only have face book but access to it via their phones,) had already posted the news as early as 2: 30 am of that same day.
Since then, there have been back and forth discussions on Face book to the merit or lack thereof of pasting such news so quickly on Face Book.
And as an independent observer, one can see merit on both sides, but again see the very real danger of putting something as important and personal as that out into the public airways so soon, before everyone else has had the opportunity to learn it in private.
To me the problem was not so much with the act itself, but with the timing. So to answer my original question as to: Face Book: friend or Foe, it seems that the answer, like a lot of other things in life, including all sorts of modern technology, depends on how and when you use it, rather than the object itself!
So in closing now, how are you using, not only Facebook but all modern technology? Appropriately or Carelessly? Over to you now.

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