Friday, July 22, 2011

Ball-peen, Ball-pein or Ball-pane Hammer?

Now I am one of the first to admit that my spelling is atrocious, and I think that Spell Checker is the greatest invention ever. Even if it does spell American and not proper English!
Anyway, the other day I wrote a blog (Over the top with the sledgehammer I think.) in which I mentioned a Ballpeen Hammer. Which the spell check rejected. So I looked up the online dictionary to find out its proper Spelling; only to discover that there actually was no one way of spelling it.
And then on Wikipedia, I discovered this: “A ball-peen (also spelled pein and pane) hammer, also known as a blacksmith's, engineer's or machinist's hammer, is a type of peening hammer used in metalworking. It is distinguished from a point-peen hammer or chisel-peen hammer by having a hemispherical head. Though the process of peening has become rarer in metal fabrication, the ball-peen hammer remains useful for many tasks, such as striking punches and chisels.”
So not only is a ball-peen Hammer a mighty handy tool, but it also has many names and spellings of names too. Yet despite all that, I still managed to Spell it wrong. Told you my spelling was atrocious! (Which funnily enough, I can spell without help!) How’s your spelling?

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Gilliemagoo said...

I had to doublecheck it as well, that is how I found you! Thanks!☺️