Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time gets away.

Another quote from my Collins Desk top calendar. This one from Verka, (whoever that is!) who is quoted as saying: “Time gets away faster each day so enjoy it, it won’t come back.”
Another very true and very astute observation, I think. But what about you, is time flying faster and faster, as you get older, (it is with me,) and are you rushing to keep up with it all? Or are you prioritising and making wise use of the time that you do have, to do all that you need to do, whilst still enjoying yourself? Or are you rushing to do more than you really should be doing and thereby losing the enjoyment that is due you for doing a good job, rather than a rushed one?
Will you, even at this late stage of the New Year, reprioritise what you have to do, as opposed to what you feel you need to do, and start enjoying this fleeting and fast disappearing time that is left to you? Yes, what say you now?

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