Sunday, February 8, 2009

Best Way to learn. 4/2/2009

Read a quote In “Our Daily Bread” for Feb.4, where it said, “ A good way to learn God’s truth is to teach it to others.”
Now without wishing to get bogged down on the religious side of this quote, (Which I firmly believe) I do also think that this quote is also relevant for all aspects of our life too. I have found many times, that as I am preparing items to pass onto others, that I study the subject much more carefully and thereby discover much more than my normal casual readings had previously discovered.
So I would like to encourage you today to spend much more care and concern over the important things and also to pass them onto others, so that both of you can learn more each time. Secondly the best way to teach anyone is by example, so as you learn more and more each time in theory, pass it on, not just as theory, but pass it on as part of your normal life practise. i.e. teach by example as well as by word. Well that’s my say! What say you?

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