Monday, February 9, 2009

Agapanthus and This Heat.

We are currently going through about our twelfth year of drought and lately it has been extremely hot, and many plants and shrubs are dieing because of it. In the past I have written a couple of blogs in defence of the Humble Agapanthus and sung its praises as being very drought tolerant.
So you can just imagine how hot and dry it has been here when even the tough old hard Agapanthuses all around the suburbs, are having their normal succulent leaves cooked and burnt dry.
Just goes to show that nothing is completely tough, and even the toughest, whether plants or people have their Limits, and need a bit of proper nurture and care from time to time. Push them to far, like the drought is doing with the agapanthus and even the toughest will eventfully weaken.
So how are things currently in your life right now? Do you think you are tough and can handle everything that comes your way? But in reality you are starting to show signs of stress and your leaves are starting dry out? In some cases, like with this current drought, there is not much one can do for the agapanthus as water is in short supply and great demand for other plants. But in some cases you do just need to take a breather and refresh yourself some how, before you shrivel up completely.

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