Monday, February 2, 2009

Great wall of China’s Weakest Link.

Was reading in C.P. Hia’s item in “Our Daily Bread for Jan.31st 09 that: “ The 4,000 mile-long Great Wall of China was built to keep out invaders from the north. The first wall was constructed by Shi Huangdi, the first Empower of China, who lived between 259 and 210 BC. But in AD 1644 the Manchus broke through the Great wall and overran China. They did this by bribing a general of the Ming dynasty to open the gates.”
The above reminds me of one of the many sayings taught to us as Children by our mother. This one was that, “The strongest Chain is only as strong as its weakest Link.”
And we see that in the above story about the fall of the Great Wall of China don’t we. When the invaders realised they could not break through the wall itself, they went for the weakest link, one of the defenders, who for whatever reason (money, advancement, revenge, whatever!) gave way and let them through.
The same sort of thing happens in our own lives in all areas too, doesn’t it? We can build up a mighty and strong edifice, but then for some reason, we scrimp and save on some parts, not giving them the same time, care and concern as the rest, saying, “She’ll be right mate! The rest will carry it through!” Which it may for a while, but eventually it will fail and the lot will be lost. Yes, just Like one weak link in the Great Wall of China, destroyed the effectiveness of the whole 4,0000 mile long structure, so too can our own weakest link, bring down all our own structures, plans and even Dreams.
So today, look around you at your own present structures, your plans for future structures and even your dreams for future structures, and identify your own weakest links. And once identified don’t just say, “She’ll be right mate!” But having identified them, don't just stop there, but go on and remove or strengthen them, so that there are no weak links in your life! Otherwise you just may be the weak Link in everyone else’s life. Is that really so, even now? If so, it is something you probably can change. But it is up to you and nobody else. Your time now!

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