Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Many Times Is Too Many Times?

Read in the Herald Sun newspaper on 6/2/09 that a 68 year-old South Korean grandmother had failed her driving test 771 times, but will keep trying. It seems she has taken the test every working day since 2005 and failed every time.
Whilst on the one hand one could be tempted to admire her determination, one can’t help thinking that enough is enough, and if for whatever reason, she hasn’t gotten it now, she never will.
What about you and me? Do we really know when enough is enough and it is time to try something else? Or are we like this lady, and won’t except reality, even when it slaps us in the face? Even when it does that 771 times?
Now I am not trying to stifle enthusiasm and continuance in difficult things. But I do feel it is important that we both recognise and accept our continuing failures and adapt to them. If we can’t do that, then please give up and attempt something you can do and stop wasting everyone’s valuable time and especially your own resources.
By all means try new things and by all means give them your absolute best shots and your best efforts, but if then you still haven’t succeeded, please try something that you are better suited too. Just something to think about for today.

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