Wednesday, May 13, 2009

To Blog Or Not to Blog?

Received an email from a friend commenting on the lack of response to her Blog site. To which I wrote the following excerpted comments:
“I know what you mean about Blog site lack of open responses. Apart from you, I rarely get any response from my blogs posted on-line. Of those that do, most of the other responders are usually Spam or self-promotional ones, (although I did get a couple of positive corrections to my Easter Blog). And so sometimes I too feel I am basically writing just for myself. And in fact I had been thinking that this very morning before your e-mail arrived. And my response was, "So What?" After all, I am, in truth, writing only what appeals to me, and hopefully sharing a bit along the way about myself, which may be of interest to my children and grandchildren. (If we ever get any!)
The other thing is, that with a blog site you don't know how many really look at it unless they leave a comment. Up until last week (when I had my son add two new specific blog sites for me), I had a Blog counter on my site (Which he accidentally disconnected and I need to wait until the friend who originally connected it for me visits to do it again.) But that blog counter showed not only how many visited, but what posts and on what day. And so I was averaging 5 or 6 hits nearly everyday, and so even taking you and me off that number I was still getting 3 or 4 hits that I would otherwise never have known about.
Now one could argue that just writing for 3 or 4 people is not worth it, to which I would reply with two responses: One. As already stated above, I am not really writing for other people anyway, but for my family and myself.
Second. Although only 3 or 4 may read it, who knows who else among them, (like you) get something out of it. So, even if only one other person gets something that truly helps them, then I have in reality, achieved even more than I originally set out to do, haven't I? After all, it is much better to help just one person, than slightly amuse 100, isn't it?”
What I wrote above to my friend I believe was appropriate, now what about you? Why do you do what you do? To titillate the many, or to help the few? Again, what say you now?

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