Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Only One Piece Missing!

Our Church meets in a Public hall in Kilsyth. As there is little room for storage there, we purchased a specially designed Trailer to hold what equipment that we couldn’t store at the Hall. As the person responsible for this were going to be away over Easter we did what we normally do when they are away: set up in a smaller Hall there, with just the Keyboard, but not the rest of the sound system.
To do that, I take the Keyboard and material necessary to operate it with me, home to my place instead, and take it up the following week and set up myself. As well as they being away over Easter, our Worship Leader and family were also away, so with a third of our number away and not being good singers at the best of times, we/I decided to have only one well-known Hymn. So well known in fact that we decided not to even set up the music System then, and everything worked well.
Then the week after Easter, the family with the trailer set up, were again away, but the worship family were back. Well, with our worship leader back, we went back to our normal four items and the music. Sadly when the Music set-up was set up; we found one cord was missing. So even though 99.99% of the equipment was there, we had no music, because, it couldn’t operate with out that .01%. Nevertheless we continued on without it and dare I say it, although normally our singing is pathetic, even with music, it didn’t sound half bad and everyone seemed to lift to cover for the missing music.
However, how often do we find ourselves in a situation where despite having 99.9% of all that is needed, we just can’t continue without that missing 1%? So please, in future, make sure you have the Whole 100% of the necessary equipment you need and have it where you can find it too! *
(* I add that last little bit because the following week, I found the missing Cord in my car hidden under something else. Because it was not where I expected it to be, I didn’t even properly look for I! Please don’t you make the same mistakes too!!!!!!!!)

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