Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Negative motivation.

In a recent blog “From where do you draw your Incentive?” I commented on a positive motivational idea, from a For Better or For Worse Comic strip. Today I am motivated to be thinking on the negative side from another comic strip. This time from the Garfield strip. In this strip, Garfield is lying flat out on his back saying, “ I need motivation.” To which Jon comes along and says, “ Get up and do something; you lazy bum!” And in the final scene we find Garfield in the same original pose, saying sarcastically, “Yep. That was life transforming.”
This got me to thinking on just how much of what we think is motivational, is actually positive motivational and not just abuse, or worse, simply threats?
I think that most of us will appreciate positive attempts at motivation; just like I am pretty sure most of us resent and even reject (openly or otherwise) negative attempts. So, in future, when you try to motivate others please stop and think whether you are being, are you positive and even hopefully life changing? Or whether simply negative with your words and actions? Just something to think on for now!

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