Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kangaroos, Emus & the Australian Coat of Arms.

In a recent blog, “A Couple of facts about Kangaroos”, I mentioned the fact that they cannot back up. To which I received this further information about that fact: “Dear Walter: More information for your education. The reason (I believe) a kangaroo and an emu is on the Australian coat of arms is that neither can take a backward step. Cheers: ***
Again I was not are of this trait with emus too, until told. However I can understand why this trait of never backing down, would appeal to the early Australian mindset as a then emerging nation in its own right, and thus a suitable statement for our Coat of Arms.
I also think it admirable too, to be of the mindset of never backing down when you are in the right and everything of value stands or falls on your decision, not to back down. But I think if you carry that mindset into everything you do, whether you are right or wrong, that formerly admirable mindset, can become a mighty liability and mighty fast too.
Yes when you are in the wrong, that inability to back down graciously, can cause as much destruction as a kangaroo in a small caravan as it can’t back out and then becomes frightened and panics, lashing out at anyone and anything within reach. And inside a caravan, that is just about everything isn’t it?
So, is there some area in your life today where you need to both step up and not back down because every thing that is right and good depends on it? Or is there some area in your life where it would be beneficial to all, including yourself, for you to just quietly back down and retreat. Even if to only to come back more prepared next time? What say you now?

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