Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Net verses the personal approach.

In the “between Friends” comic strip in the Melbourne Herald Sun on May 14th was this fascinating insight into how the Net is taking over in some people’s thinking. In previous strips the lead character Susan has been trying to get her friend Mauve to join Face book. Mauve has been actively resisting these approaches.
In this strip, they are both sitting on a park bench drinking a coffee, and Susan says to Mauve, “ If you set up a Face book page, we could check up on each other and see what’s happening in our lives!” To which Mauve replies brightly, “Wow… that would be a Bonus …’ then goes on to say, “…Then we wouldn’t have to actually meet and bother with personal interaction!”
Of course the response was sarcastic and meant to be so. But how often do we let the time and energy spent on modern technology and especially the Net, to interfere with our already existing personal interactions? Don’t get me wrong here, as I am all in favour of modern technology and especially e-mail. I am also on Face book too, (even if I rarely use it) and do recognise it has some benefits, but it is still meant to be a tool to help us in personal interactions, and not take the place of personal interaction, all because we spent too much time on it. What say you?

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