Monday, January 26, 2009

Spielberg on Clint Eastwood.

Was reading in the Melbourne Herald Sun on Jan 24th, an interview Elizabeth Day had with Clint Eastwood, where she wrote: “ Stephen Spielberg once said of him: the most wonderful thing about Eastwood’s transition from bit part actor to acclaimed film star and award winning director was “ watching Clint remain the same man he’s always been; that is to say totally unimpressed with himself.”
I wonder if the same can be said about you and me too? Are we totally unimpressed with ourselves and just content to do the best we can and just let any fame, if it should come our way, just flow around us, and leave ourselves unmoved by it? Or do we try and elevate ourselves over our works and even over others, to claim any piece of fleeting fame there is?
So let us all learn from Clint Eastwood’s example, and always remain unimpressed with ourselves, and particularly with any fleeting fame that might come our way. And just get on with doing whatever it is that we are good at and there is a market or need for in our own communities.

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