Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dave Dee.

These days the rage among Pop groups seams to be to give band members creative nicknames like Edge or Slash Or Bono or Kram or whatever! I guess this is supposedly to give them an edge in getting publicity. Of course this is not new or even very original these days. I have no idea who actually started this trend but one of the more imaginative originators would have to go to Dave Harman and His quirky 1960’s band with an even quirkier name.
David Harmon changed his name to Dave Dee, which is not that unusual or even quirky I guess, nor was Mick Wilson going under the name of Mick. But what about Trevor Davies choosing “Dozy” or John Diamond calling himself “Beaky” and Ian Amey calling himself, Tich?
Yes folks, that was the name of that 1960’s English Pop Group that had ten consecutive Top Twenty Hits in England, {although only two (Bend it, & The legend of Xanadu) made it here in Oz and none in the States I believe}. Their name? Didn’t I tell you? Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich!”
I was reminded of them a week or so again when I read that Dave Dee had passed way at age 65 from cancer. Although I can’t say I was ever a great fan of theirs at the time, I was aware of their two Aussie Hits getting massive airplay in Australia at the time. And I did many, many years later; buy a cheap CD of theirs with 12 of their “Greatest Hits” on it.
Although not a great fan of them then, I was aware of them then and even though they were all 6 or 7 years older than me, I considered them to be of my generation. A generation that is starting to pass rather rapidly these days it seems. And I couldn’t help but wonder what we would be leaving behind for the coming Generations?
Although Dave Dee Left the group in 1970, He did later gain control of the Groups Greatest Hits (The legend of Xanadu)) CD and was able to leave something behind, even if for a lot of us, it is only memories of our Youth!
So what about you and me? What of any value, if anything, are we going to leave behind for others to discover or benefit from/? Over to you now.

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