Thursday, January 1, 2009

Conflicting Desires

This Lynn Johnston, “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip has the visiting Musician Uncle practising His trumpet playing, when his nephew and Niece come up to Him. Seeing them there, He goes all out in his practising and then stopping says,” Hey, here’s my jazz fans! Whadda want, kid? Blues? Pop? Bee-bop?” To which his young nephew declares plaintively, “ You’re drowning out Sesame Street”!
This is just another reminder to remember that even though we think we have an audience, they may not be there for what we think they are there for. So as we go into another New Year, always be careful that we are not selfishly “drowning out” something or someone else, whilst doing “our own thing”. I am not saying that the uncle should not Practice his trumpet playing but that in doing so he /we should not drown out what others are listening to either.
If we really want them to hear what we have to present to them, then we should arrange to do so at a time and place suitable to them and not “gatecrash’ their existing arrangements.
So what about it in the coming New Year? Will you seek an appropriate time and place to showcase your gift or presentation? Or will you simply try and drown out someone else's program and thus running the risk of also having your message drowned out by their indignation? Over to you now. But either way have a glorious New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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