Sunday, January 25, 2009

The other W.G. P.

Found out who the other W.G. P is/was! Well my son did anyway! Thanks son.
According to the “Australian Dictionary of Biography”, “(William George Plunkett—1910 -1975—was born in Queensland. As printing production manager (from 1947) with W. Nevil & Co. Ltd he began to collect literary quotations to provide the calendar’s ‘thought for the day’. Plunkett started including his own in 1961. They appear in some 400,000 desk calendars each year, usually on Wednesdays, above the initials W.G.P.) “
W. Nevil & co was a part of the Collins group of Companies and although Plunkett died in 1975, Collins continue to include his work and it was in this year’s Collin’s desk top Calendar (Jan.19th.) that I found a W.G. P’s quote. Only it was on a Monday and not a Wednesday.
What I admire about this other W.G.P, is that although he oversaw the inclusion of all these quotes, including his own, rather than broadcast his name to all & sundry, he chose to reveal his own works under the relative anonymity of just the initials W.G. P. How unlike most of us who are not happy unless our name is up there, even higher that our work if possible.
I don’t know about you but I can learn a lesson of humility from this other W.G.P and try not to seek the limelight, but simply to present my work where and when I can. What about you too?

*** Here is another astute Gem from that other W.G.P to close with; and perhaps even learn from? “People’s minds are like parachutes. To function properly they must first be open. W.G.P.”

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