Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Brushy Fence. Obstacle or opportunity?

Our back wooden fence is in very poor condition, as is a small piece of a side fence dividing the backyard from the front. So a little while back, when I saw some cheap brush fencing cover rolls in the Reject Shop, I bought a few to cover up these weak spots in the two fences.

The Brush fencing rolls aren’t that strong but they did what I wanted them to do. Cover up those eye-sores.

However, lately the two spots where I put them, have bought them under attack. Up the back, the brush fencing is under attack from George the dog, as he is trying to bite his way through it to find a weak spot in the fence to get out. Yesterday, to get around that problem, he moved on and dug under the door under the house, to get under the house, and because, out the front of the house the dirt has been removed from the boards in preparation for restumping in the next week or so, he was able to get out and wander up the street. Much to his delight but greatly to my wife’s anguish! (And so to our first born, when she got home from work and found that her dog had gone walk-about alone.)

Back to the brush fence piece between the front and the back. It too is under attack but not near the bottom like the other from George, but at the top. The culprits? Two Magpies! Apparently they think this light Ti-tree type brush is ideal for their nest. And they are only to happy to help themselves to this free and readily accessible material.

Moral of the story?

One man’s beautification scheme can be another’s (The dog’s) obstacle or another’s (the Magpie’s) housing opportunity. It all depends on how you look at it! In the case of the dog, it was an obstacle that when he found that he couldn’t eat his way through it, he found another way to avoid it. In the case of the Birds, they made every advantage of it.

How do you react to the obstacles that every day life places in front of you from time to time?

As an insurmountable problem? Or as one you can either find a way around, or even take advantage of and use to your advantage? It all depends on your out look, doesn’t it?


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