Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who Sees What?

A little while back I received an email with pictures of five different Houses, but supposedly looking at the same house (yours) from five different perspectives.
The first picture was meant to depict your House as you see it. This picture was of a modest but pretty home with a lovely garden.
The second picture was meant to depict the same House, but as you’re Buyer sees it. This picture depicted a rustic unpainted timber Bush Cabin and no garden.
The third picture Represented The Money Lender. A rundown slum shack represented His view of your house.
The forth depicted it from the mortgage Valuer’s view, who saw it even worse. He saw it as a derelict house, barely standing.
The fifth and final picture showed how the Council Tax Assessor valued it. And there we had a veritable mansion suitable for a King or a Rock star!
Although this was meant as a joke, it does highlight the fact that different people see the same thing from different perspectives and values, depending on what their interests and connections are.
So, putting yourself into these pictures and not your house, “How do you see yourself?”
And is that picture in line with how others also see you? Or does your life need some renovations?
Again the warning here is to see yourself as you really are and not as you think you are. Under valuing yourself is as equally bad as over valuing yourself. So when you look at yourself, neither be over generous or over critical with your assessment, but see yourself as you really are. Neither as you see yourself, nor as others see you, but see yourself as you really are. And then ask, not am I happy with this picture, but rather: “What can I do to improve this picture even further?”

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