Friday, March 27, 2009

Change Comes Slowly But Still It Comes.

Another Bill Watterson quote for you today.
“Know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change. But pretty soon, everything's different.”
Ever noticed that yourself? Life seems to be going on day by day with out anything really seeming to change and then one day you really open your eyes and look around and you see that everything is different now?
Yes, change often does come slowly, almost imperceptibly, but still it comes, if you will just wait. Of course for real change within yourself, you must start to make changes too. Sometimes a short sharp shift off action or attitude, can bring immediate results, but as you haven’t really changed the substructure, there can usually be no lasting change until you do. So again like many things in life, “slowly but surely” is the best way to make permanent changes. For as you start to change the substructures in your life now, you can build something more permanent on them later.
You can’t get a top job anywhere without a genuine work ethic and reputation. And you can’t get either of those with out a job first. And so nearly always, we have to start at the bottom or near the bottom of the Job chain, and build a reputation and work ethic before we can get a better job and then a better one and so on. Until we reach our Dream Job.
So today in your own life, whether in your job ethics or just your own personal ethics, what little, even minute change can you and will you make to bring about eventual change where “pretty soon, everything's different”?
In closing, it is not enough to want change, but you need to work towards it too, even if little by little, day by day even if, “nothing seems to change.”
For if you are changing, even little by little, even if nothing else seems to be changing, it is, and “pretty soon everything’s different”?
Don’t believe it? Well try it and see if you can prove Bill and Me wrong. I dare you? No, I double dare you!!!!!!

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