Saturday, March 28, 2009

Confucius says…

On my Desk Top Calendar for March 24th 2009, Confucius was quoted as saying, “In language clarity is everything”.
Now I can’t say much for his religious or political views, but on this point at least, he was spot on. In language clarity is everything!
I would probably argue that in a few other things, if not all other things, “clarity is everything” too! So, how clear are you today in everything you say and do? Perhaps I could also add, how clear are you in what you hear too?
As well as always being clear in what we say and do, are we also always clear in what we hear or perceive?
In all cases, when in doubt, don’t remain in doubt, but ask questions. Lots of questions if necessary and preferably ask from the main source, and not a secondary source, as often they are not as sure as they may appear either.
So, in language, and in everything else, please go for Clarity. Go for clarity in all you say, do and hear, Please???????????????

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