Friday, November 21, 2008

Knowing Which Buttons To Push And Doing So Wisely.

In the repeat series of the “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston, there has been an ongoing push, much against the mother’s will, by both her son and husband to get a dog, However the neighbour’s dog had pups and at the right age to find new homes for them, both the son and father went over “Just to admire them”. After a long time over there, the mother goes over to bring them home. When she gets there, the Neighbour plops a Pup in her arms and says, “ He’s a runt, you see… We couldn’t sell him and I’d hate to put him down.” "The poor little thing has been rejected. He’d need warmth and love to survive!”
Then she turns to the husband and whispers, “ Give me another shot at her mother instincts and you’ve got a dog.”
And that is how they got their first dog, which they happily had for years. All because their neighbour knew them well enough to know which buttons to push, and how long for and when. So whilst this approach should not be used on all and sundry, it does show what can be achieved when one uses the right approach and reaches out to a person’s real feelings.
Today I would like us to look at the reverse side and think of all the good things we have missed out on, all because we did not take into account the other person’s inner feelings.
So today when you are trying to promote or sell an idea or even an object, do take into account the long term effect and don’t reject the personal feelings of the person you are dealing with, in your haste to ‘sell” something, again whether it is an object or an idea.

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