Saturday, November 8, 2008

Do you resile?

Victoria’s current police Commission has announced her pending resignation; and in the tributes and comments about her reign as Chief Commissioner, I came across the following comment on page 26 of the Nov.6 edition of the Herald Sun Newspaper, by Robert Aldine: He wrote “She wasn’t perfect, but she was having a real go. She didn’t resile from the tough decisions, nor was she easily distracted.”
Now, till then at least, I thought I thought I knew what “resile” meant, particularly as it is the root or base, for the word “resilient”, but that base meaning and the meaning of resilient didn’t quite fit with the sense of the above comment, so I checked “resile” up on the Internet and found that “resile” is one of those words that have two, almost opposite meanings and if used/ or understood, in the wrong sense, the Writer could have been though of as saying, the soon to be ex Police Commissioner did not, “spring back; rebound; resume the original form or position, as an elastic body.” Which is one meaning of the word resile.
The other, which the writer meant (I believe), was that she did not, “shrink back; or recoil.” So now having resiled, or bounced back from my partial knowledge of the meaning of the word ‘resile, I wonder, what about you when you resile? Do you spring back, rebound, & resume your original position? Or do you shrink back and recoil ‘ from the tough decisions.
Yes when you face the problems, hindrances and brick walls of life, do you let them turn you aside, or do you bounce right back at them and not let them defeat you unnecessarily?
Sure there will be obstacles and walls that no matter how much you resile, you will never overcome them; and you need to be able to recognize them when they come! However, a lot of the time we let little obstacles overcome us, when with a little more thought and effort on our part, we can overcome them and triumph. Again perhaps not always as easily as we would like, but often they can usually be overcome, if we don’t get into the habit of becoming a resiler in the negative since, one that shrinks back but by being a resiler in the positive sense, one who springs back and continues on strongly.
So as I close today, I again ask, “How do you resile today? Negatively or positively?

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