Friday, November 7, 2008

Another Way To Look At Recessions.

The letter of the day, written by Colin Wheeler, in the Herald Sun’s “Your Say” page on November 6, had a different take on Recessions.
According to Colin, “Recessions are society’s cyclical flushing of the non-essentials of life. They bring us back to reality. First to go are beauty parlours, fast food outlets, pet accessories, personal trainers, cable television, punting, credit card salespeople, 24hour news, fashion, gadgets and non essential air travel.”
Colin also lists a heap more extraneous things that, in his opinion will go in a credit squeeze, before ending with, “ Society will get back to basics for half a generation – until the inevitable rise again of wasteful pampering.”
Now while I humbly think Colin is guilty of Hyperbole and even of overstating his case a tad, he does have a valid point in that there are a lot of things in our lives now, that are largely just ”wasteful pampering” and things that we really could survive quite comfortably without, even to using the funds spent on these things for more beneficial purposes.
So today, even if you are not really being squeezed by the current financial crisis, do have a look at the things you spend your income on and see what is just ”wasteful pampering” and what is really essential and beneficial to your life.
After all would one really need a personal trainer, if one ate the proper foods and not to excess, in the first place? So again, where are you wasting your finances to the detriment of the more beneficial and helpful and even your own health? Again, what say you?

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