Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Tuesday In November.

Well here we are at that time of year that has been rolling around for 133 years now on the first Tuesday in November, even though it actually began in 1861. And even though the Cup itself was not presented until 1916.
Yes, that’s right! I am talking about the Horse Race that stops a nation, (even our Parliament stops for 3 minutes every year,) and the Horse race that we in Melbourne at least, get a public Holiday for: even if some only get half a day for it.
Of course, “The Melbourne Cup” is not the only significant event happening today either. Some people in the world are even having an election today! Yes that is right; today is the day that New Zealand get to elect their Leader/Prime Minister, for the next term of their Parliament!
Oh and of course the US of A is also having an election too, aren’t they?
However, not counting America, there will be more interest in Australia and even in New Zealand in the Melbourne Cup Winner, (especially if it is from New Zealand,) than in the New Zealand Elections themselves.
Sad isn’t it, that a country so close and so tied in with Australia, can be having such an important event and yet for most people, it has been lost in the brough-hah of the Melbourne Cup and US Elections? But how often do we do similar in our own daily lives and let the showy but unimportant things deflect and side track us from the less showy but more significant things in our lives?
So today, on this first Tuesday of November, despite your personal distractions, 9whether horse races or elections,) please don’t forget to look around and see all the other things happening on this significant day.

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