Monday, November 17, 2008

In defence of all average singers. 17/11/08

A lot has been made in the Papers lately, on how one recording artist with sales of around 1,000,00 albums thinks another Singer with sales of around 40, 000,000 albums, is not a good singer.
Someone else replied that Kylie Minogue, despite all her success, was not a singer but an entertainer and would not have been successful had she not been on “Neighbours” and left OZ for Britain to build on that success.
Be that as it may, what many people forget, is that in the Entertainment Business, it is not always the best that succeed, but those who are versatile and adapt their limited talents to the market at Hand, and hang on in there in the good times and bad, and then proceed to make the most of the opportunities presented to them, which is what Kylie did constantly.
On a recent TV documentary about Australia’s original “Rock & Roller” Johnny O’Keefe, it was also claimed that he was not a great singer either, yet where would the Music scene in Oz be, without Him. Similar claims have been made about the singing abilities of Johnny Cash and even Elvis Presley on the International scene.
So my advice to all the Kylies and Kyle wantabees out there, and you do if the cap fits, is don’t worry if your singing voice meets the approval of Cate Cebrano or not. But go out there and entertain and make the most of your opportunities and also of your so called “liability” of not being as good as a minor celeb thinks you should be, and “knock them dead!”

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