Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Soup Kitchen Economics?

You may know that recently, Michelle Obama went to serve food to the homeless at a government funded soup kitchen in America. I just received an email with a picture of Michelle serving two young men. One of whom was taking her picture with his mobile phone. Under the picture ran this Caption:
Cost of a bowl of soup at homeless shelter : $0 dollars.
Having Michelle Obama serve you your soup: $0 dollars.
A homeless person receiving government funded meals, taking a picture of the first lady using his $500 Blackberry cell phone ... Priceless.
Now one could perhaps argue that the phone was stolen or some such other excuse. But one still has to wonder if sometimes all of us don’t quite have our priorities right when we will put possessing possessions, (No matter how handy) over our own physical well being and health.
And even if a mobile phone is seen as a necessity, is it really necessary to have a $500 one, when you can get a cheap one for under $50?
What say you about Soup Kitchen economics?

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