Friday, September 11, 2009

Refulgent, Black Holes and Middle Ground

In my recent blog, "Are you refulgent today?" I mentioned that often, rather than being refulgent and reflecting Light back to others, we often become Black Holes and swallow all the light that comes our way with our negativity. I then went on to encourage people to be more refulgent, and to let their light shine out and reflect back on others.
Now I know that we can’t always realistically do that; nor do we really want to go through life with only Rose coloured glasses. However there is still a lot of Middle Ground that we could and even should, be occupying.
Again, I know we can't always look on the bright side of life, but that doesn't mean we have to always look at the negative either. As my illustration of the Glasses shows, there is often a lot of middle ground that we miss too, by arguing if a glass is half empty or half full.
So today, how do you see your glass of life? As Half full or half empty? Or are you like me and just very happy to have a glass with something in it? What say you?

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Lynx217 said...

Negativity begets Negativity.
I must - therefore I will - somehow.
Cautious optimism is my motto.
I hope you are well my friend, and I've missed being able to keep up with you.