Thursday, September 10, 2009

Refulgent again.

Recently I asked, “Are you refulgent today?” The following is one reply I received to my/that question.
“Hi: Another great one. I was sitting here feeling rotten again today and feeling sorry for myself but reading your little article made me stop and think. Instead of feeling bad I should be feeling grateful for the fact that I am alive and able to do lots of things other people are not able to do. I certainly have been guilty of feeling sorry for myself but I will try to follow your advice and think positively.
Thanks: ****?
Not printing this to push my own barrow, but as this example shows, we can all be refulgent without really trying, simply by communicating with people with a positive response or reaction, rather than a negative one. So today, who can you be refulgent to, even if only with e-mail or blog, if not a phone call or even better, verbally face to face?

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