Saturday, September 5, 2009

How old is, As Old As Heck?

Ever wondered how old something is, when it is described as, “as old as Heck”? Well now you will know that the answer is/was 108 years old!! For that is how old Benedictine Father Theodore Heck was when he died on April 29th 2009. Yes, Father (John Henry) Heck, who had been the world's oldest Benedictine monk passed away at 108, in Indianapolis USA.
So now you know how old heck is don’t you? Or do you?
Not really for as I reported in an earlier blog (What the heck is a heck?), “Heck” apart from later referring to actual things such as a heck–gate/door etc, “heck” was simply an earlier/softer/politer way of saying “Hell” without saying hell!
So all this is just a reminder not to believe every story you first hear but to always check out the true story, no matter how probable or improbable (Just as my first explanation) before you both believe and propagate these alleged Facts as the truth, just because “you heard it said somewhere!”
Again today’s lesson is to make sure of your facts before passing them on as facts. Do you do that and if not, will you start doing so now?

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