Saturday, July 18, 2009

Your Opinion Depends On From Where You See Things.

Having lived in South Africa for nearly 12 years, we still have some contacts there and occasionally get News Items from there. A recent article from there, told about a Taxi (Read 12 –15 seat mini Buses here,) that was extremely overloaded with Kindergarten children being picked up by Traffic officers.
Having seen it first hand during our own time in South Africa, I had no trouble with the e-mail Title of: “Crazy Taxi! --- ONLY IN SOUTH AFRICA”.
However when I sent it to a former South African, (Now living in Australia), his reply was, “not just South Africa, all over Africa.”
So, not having experienced this gross overloading of Passengers in Australia and not really having travelled much elsewhere in Africa, (other than briefly in Zimbabwe and Swaziland,) I, like the author of the article, tended to see this problem as only a South African one. But one who has seen much more of Africa than I have, has been able to put it into the broader perspective.
This still doesn’t excuse it, but shows that it is not exclusively a South African problem, but also happens elsewhere in the African Continent. Just like I’m sure it happens in other parts of the world too, like India and even some other Asian and even South American countries.
So today’s’ lesson, which I am still learning is, when something is wrong, look around you and do not blame just one guilty party but look to all guilty parties where they are wrong; and then rather than just blaming them, try and help them solve or resolve their problems. What say you?

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