Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Be prepared For Payback!

This blog comes from the “Heart of the City” Cartoon Strip by Mark Tatulli from July 2, and has the little Girl (Heart) lying on the floor reading a comic with a cat sleeping comfortably on her back. Comfortably for the Cat it seems but not for Heart, who comes up with the devious idea of scaring the life out of the Cat with a loud Bang. Which works. For a few seconds at least as the cat jumps high in the air, but then comes down fast, claws extended and lands on Heart’s butt, much to her pain and sorrow.
Another case of comics imitating life isn’t it? For how often have we come up with so called ingenious, but devious ideas to solve our perceived problems, only to have our solutions turn around and, if not bite us, certainly stick their claws in, like in this illustration?
So when trying to deal with annoying problems, think carefully and try and come up with effective solutions that won’t turn around and claw you too and make your own problems worse!

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