Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fancy Foods Vs Simple Tastes.

This “For Better Or For Worse” Cartoon Strip by Lynn Johnson from July 8 has the Husband and wife discussing food issues as she places a bowl of fruit on the Bench and then feeds the Dog.
He says, “ Look, it’s not that I don’t appreciate fancy dishes! I like simple food, that’s all! I could probably eat the same thing every day! Surely there are others like me!”
At this point the strip ends with the dog hoeing into his doggy food like only dogs can do!
Leaving aside the obvious connotation that plain food is no better than dog food; I have to basically agree with the husband. Although it is true that one would quickly get sick of just the one variety of food very quickly, there is nothing wrong with simple foods.
Yes fancy dishes often look nice, but do nothing to fill you up or sustain you. And sometimes they just taste terrible. (Even if they only taste bad to you and not others!) Some people love fish! So do I when they are swimming around my Fish tanks or pond. I will admit that I do not mind a piece of Grilled Flake anytime I have it, and occasionally even Fish Fingers, but most other fish tastes off to me. I’m not overly fond of Chicken either but give me a Roast any day with Pork lamb or Beef and I’m yours. So you can see I stand largely with the husband depicted above. Where do you stand on the great food divide? Fancy or Plain?
I understand and even appreciate the fact that a lot of time and effort and even love that often goes into producing this fancy food, But would prefer that time, love and effort be transferred to something that will be both pretty and pretty darn nice for me too. (If in fact it is being primarily produced for me!) Again what say you?

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