Friday, July 17, 2009

Which End Are You At?

Another from the “For Better Or Worse” cartoon strip. This time from July 2nd. This one has two little boys playing with a big furry dog. One at each end!
And one says,” Sniff? Bleah! What is that? The other says, “I don’t know!” The first says, “Gross! Get him away from me!! I’m gonna BARF! I’m gonna HURL!” To which the second Boy says, “ Lawrence… It’s not that bad!!! To which Lawrence replies, “ That’s cause you’re sniffing the wrong end!!!”
How like real life is that? Each of us often has a different opinion, (whether to the good or bad,) than another, all because of which end of things we are currently at, at any particular time.
So today’s lesson is, whenever you have doubts about another’s opinion, change ends with them for a while and see, or in this case experience, things from their end!

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