Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nannies Facing Hard Times Now.

Recently glancing through the paper I came across an article in their financial section stating the plight of some Nannies in the U S, now that financial hard times have hit the financial sector and many people in it are being laid off and so are their Nannies, and/ or their pay package/structure is being lowered. However even in this, it states that it is the lower grades of Nannies that are suffering most, but the higher quality nannies and especially the British ones, are still in high demand The article in the Herald Sun on Sep.23 said, “ The market changed three or four years ago. The newly rich with eye watering mortgages didn’t come shopping for nannies in this country, they went to Eastern Europe…. The nannies from there are cheaper but not nearly as good as ours. It is those people who will suffer first…. The whole world still comes to Britain shopping for the great British Nanny.”
This bit of information highlights a general rule in life, in that when things are scarce or money plentiful, anything will pass the muster, but when things are plentiful or money is scarce, only the best will survive. Which are you? Cheap and available? Or great but slightly more valuable?
Remember to give of your best at all times and if you do that even if you loose your job in Hard times you will have the advantage in getting another. Keep smiling.

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