Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moving on from Melodrama.

Another blog originating from my original blog asking, “Are You A Tad Over Melodramatic Too?” and its follow up, “A Tad Too simplistic, perhaps?”
In the follow up blog, I attempted to deal a little more fuller with how to deal with someone who was a tad over melodramatic, in a little more detail than I did in the original, but again, in my attempt to keep these blogs simple, did not go far enough and thus I received the following response.
“Hi Walter: It's me again. The next statement which needs unpacking is the part where you say, " but eventually, we will have to try and move them on, even if not as quickly as my original simplistic view indicated."
The critical question is, "Whose best interest is being served by 'trying to move them on"? Yours or theirs?
That will take some very careful thinking, best done with a loving and critical (in the best sense of the word) friend. This is the stuff of Clinical Pastoral Education. Cheers again: ***”
These blogs do not allow me the space to go into in any real detail in what is obviously a very complex matter, and one in which, in extreme cases should be left to professionals, who know more on the subject than me.
However, in ordinary everyday work case situations, one may have to deal with someone who is habitually, a tad over melodramatic and bringing everyone else down with them.
In such a case, it would be in everyone’s interest, theirs, yours and the work place’s, for some attempt to be made to help them deal with their problem. And if this can be done on an informal friendly basis, rather than in some clinical sessions, the better it would be for everyone I believe.
That said I would still agree that their welfare, rather than your, or anyone else’s, should be the number one priority, and also that your help will be limited by your own abilities. Again my advice is really only for mild situations, rather than trying to make you a professional councillor. Again over to you.

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