Thursday, October 2, 2008

Innovative Shower suit.

Reading in the Herald Sun on Sept. 23, I came across an item about a new Australian invention: A suit that you can clean while you are in the shower! There is no need for soaking, dry cleaning or even soap, thanks to the revolutionary design of this shower suit created by the research and marketing company, Australian Wool Innovation.
I have not heard of this product before, but apparently the Japanese have taken a yen to it and orders for 170,000 have been taken and it is expected to sell well through out Asia. Sadly if you want one, you will have to go to Asia to get one, for despite being made here in OZ, it won’t be released to our market for another 18months or so.
A classic case of going where a ready-made Market is available before trying the local Market. Is that what you do? Seek out the proper markets for your product? Or simply try to sell it where you are? In good times or when things are scarce that may work, but when you are facing a tough or tightening market you have to use a little more strategy in your marketing don’t you?
So in closing, how are you going now? Are you selling to the correct, even if only a niche, market where your product would be desirable? Or are you trying the open market where there is little genuine interest in your product amongst everything else on the market? Something for you to chew over for now.

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