Monday, October 27, 2008

Harmony and the Everly brothers.

The Everly brothers were very big on the popular Music scene in the 50’s & 60’s and were popular for their famous harmonies together, so much so that they set the trend for many imitators. Unlike some, like the Righteous brothers, the Walker Brothers and our Very own Allen Brothers; the Everly’s really were brothers and not just a group of strangers pretending to be Brothers. And unlike the Allison’s (also not real brothers, but who sounded like the Everly’s) the Everly’s didn’t sound like anyone else but had their own unique sound. A sound that also inspired and influenced many others including the Beatles and the Beach Boys, just to mention two.
Yes the Everly brothers were an inspiration to many with their own harmonious sound. Yes the Everly bothers sang harmoniously together but sadly did not live in harmony together and eventually split up and went their own separate ways to little real later solo successes. They did reform a time or two, but always for the money and thus the reforms never lasted for long.
How about you? How harmoniously are your really living/working with those around you, whether real family or not? Are you in true harmony in all aspects of life or are you too just coming together for the money? If so, no matter what success you are currently having it too will not last. What say you now?

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