Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aussie Pride I received this as an e-mail a few years ago now, but think it very appropriate for Australia Day today. “AUSSIE PRIDE-by GRAHAN DEAN Are you proud to be an Aussie? Are you proud of where you stand? When you cast your eyes out over the fields, of this great land Do you stand up for our anthem? Do you watch your flag with pride? As across our mighty rivers, on you journey you may stride Do you have a love within you? For our heroes of the past Will the pioneers and Anzacs in your thoughts forever last? Do you think of where you came from? Are you sure of where you've been Have you looked upon your country with a pride of what you've seen? Are you proud that you're an Aussie? If you are then you would say Good on you mate, you did your best There'll be another day When you're proud that you're an Aussie You're an Aussie through and through And your mates stand by you, and know you are true blue Will you stand up for your country, when you know the chips are down? When flooding rains are falling, or pastures dry and brown Of course you'll stand because you're an Aussie You are proud and you are free And you know there is no other place, on earth you'd rather be.” Well now that you have read it, what say you? I have been lucky enough to have been to a few other places on earth and although happy enough there, am still proud to call Australia Home! What about you too? You may not be an Australian, but are you proud of whom you are? And of where you live? Yes! Are you living as much as you can as a proud (but not arrogant) citizen of your country? If so please stand up for your Country this Australia day, even if you are not an Australian! (Or even in Australia!)

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