Saturday, March 17, 2012

A tale of three Cats.

Next door to us, has two cats. A black one, and a Ginger one. And we have two dogs. A Grey one, and a Ginger one. The cats roam free, but our dogs are kept in our small backyard. It is so small that I regularly take the dogs out for a long walk on their leads so that they can get sufficient exercise. One day, upon returning from a walk, I went to go back to our unit between the two cars parked in our shared Carport, when suddenly the Ginger Cat came out from under their car and latched on to our Ginger Dog’s nose and Jaw. Frightening both him and me at the time, due to its unexpectedness as much as anything. Anyway, now Ginger Dog will not go anywhere near Ginger Cat. Even to the point of going around our car and squeezing up against the wall to avoid getting close to Ginger Cat.
The black cat however is a different story. Why? Because one time when Ginger Dog saw Black Cat, Black Cat ran. Ran with Ginger Dog right behind him, despite the fact that to this day, he still refuses to go anywhere near Ginger Cat. Now, Black Cat only has to see Ginger Dog and it is off and running away as fast as it can.
Now the house above us also has a cat. This is a black and white cat and it occupies a position between the other two, in that it allows the dogs to come up and sniff around it without either attacking them or running away from them, and usually the dogs quickly loose interest and go away quietly. The one day the Grey Dog didn’t and got both a bit nosey and pushy, then, and only then, did the Black and White Cat get stuck into him in self-defence. So the question now is, which cat best describes you at this time and what are you going to do about it?
Are you like the ginger cat, and always on the attack and attacking any and every one who comes within cooee of you? Thereby never making any friends, only enemies and others who go out of their way to avoid you?
Or are you like the Black cat and always running away from everyone and everything and never making any friends or achieving anything productive?
Or are you like the black and white cat, and quietly going about your business without bothering anyone, always willing to accept all others as equals, whilst also always ready to defend yourself in self-defence, but again, only when needed?
So again and in closing what colour cat are you today, and are you always going to remain that colour? TOWGP

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